Our philosophy

anticIPate Law offers a new way of providing accessible intellectual property law services in Canada, and was originally founded after its members experienced the deficiencies with how legal services are offered in a traditional law firm model

We recognized that clients do not want to:

pay exorbitant hourly billable rates to help pay for unnecessary overhead and to support the partner pay pyramid structure;

see redundant charges from law students, law clerks, junior associates, senior associates, and partners, all related to a single matter;

be denied access to necessary legal services because they cannot afford to pay;

rarely hear from their lawyers or only at invoice time;

be excluded from managing their files; or

have work done at the last minute just prior to the deadlines rather than in a timely, orderly, and efficient manner.

anticIPate Law was created to do better by offering:

Experience: We use experienced senior counsel only, instead of using students, junior associates and law clerks (a practice traditionally employed with poor results in an inefficient attempt to reduce costs).

Low cost: Our hourly billable rates are significantly lower (over $400/hour less) than those charged by senior counsel with similar experience at large national law firms, and we even provide monthly caps regardless of the number of hours worked.

Our tariff rates for IP prosecution matters (which we do not conceal) are competitive with those of any firm (see our Patent Tariff, Trade-mark Tariff, and Industrial Design Tariff).

Flexibility: We are flexible enough to cap our fees, provide discrete legal services for a single fixed fee, or provide continuing legal services for a periodic fixed fee.

Access: With our experience, low hourly rate and flexible fee arrangements, clients have access to the legal services they require.

Participation: We understand that clients want to be able to play an active role. Our clients work directly with the lawyers who handle their matters, and have full 24-hour access to their files so that they can monitor and review the work in progress, allowing them to play a greater role, if they desire, in the management and development of their files.

Personal attention: Our clients’ matters deserve our utmost care. Our fee options allow us to devote to client matters our highest personal attention without worries about incurring extra costs.

Because of how we operate, we can work on client files from anywhere and at any time.

We are committed to keeping our clients abreast of IP legal issues and developments that affect their business.

anticIPate Law offers a full range of intellectual property law services

Who we are

Each of us possesses scientific training and collectively we bring over forty years of experience in intellectual property law matters.